WVCCU is a nonprofit group of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping our industry.  
Our mission is to create a high-quality coordinated system of services that support early childhood development.

Thanks to everyone that attended our eighth annual West Virginia Childcare Centers United (WVCCU) Leadership Academy in Charleston West Virginia.

West Virginia Childcare Centers United Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Childcare in West Virginia

If we work together, we will be successful!

Drastically impacting all of us

The delivery of services to our state's 4-year old population will drastically impact all of us-so much so that more than 80 childcare center have already closed their doors. To avoid even further reductions in our ability to do business in the state. we must all; 1) become as knowledgeable as possible in every component and issue regarding pre-k, including contracting with our local boards of education; and 2) maximize all available resources.

Together, we are much stronger than any of us acting independently.

Changes in our industry


Our industry is undergoing tremendous changes-changes that will surely cause us to redefine the way we do business if we are to remain viable under this rapidly changing economic and political landscape. Although there are many underlying causes for these changes. Two of the causes of which I speak are the pre-k movement as dictated by policy 2525.

Making our industry extraordinary

Among our membership are knowledge and abilities far more than sufficient to make our industry extraordinary. All we need to do is become as active on our cause as we possibly can, giving normal time and financial restraint. We will continue to provide conferences and professional meetings.

  • Organization training
  • West Virginia Childcare Centers United dedicated to improving the quality of childcare in West Virginia.

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Welcome to  WVCCU

West Virginia Childcare Centers United. We provide support by providing opportunities to network with other childcare professionals who can relate to difficult situations.

Just Published A Website

We are excited about getting this website published. On our about page we will keep you updated on news in our industry. We have a page that has all of our officers listed with their email addresses so you can contact them directly.  Be sure to checkout our resources page. We have important links. We have a membership page. You can pay for your membership online.

Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Child Care in West Virginia

The most important thing is to define your goals

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